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Year: 2001 (74th) Academy Awards

Category: Best Picture

Film Title: A Beautiful Mind

Winner: Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, Producers

Presenter: Tom Hanks

Date & Venue: March 24, 2002; Kodak Theatre

[Looking at the winner's envelope...] Yeah, it says it was really close, which it was.

Hi, Ron. Yikes. Okay. I want to thank the Academy for selecting our movie. I started out in the business as a writer -- not a very good writer -- but a writer, nonetheless. I've had the privilege of working with better writers, great actors and brilliant directors. I found that my calling was to tell stories as a producer and I love doing just that. In the case of "A Beautiful Mind" the story and the subject were personal and important to me, and to receive an award for making this movie is a miracle.

I want to thank Universal Pictures, two very important and special people to me, Ron Meyer and Stacey Snider. I want to thank their team including Scott, Peter, Marc and Nikki. DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. I want to thank Sylvia Nasar and Graydon Carter. And my dedicated team at Imagine, Michael Rosenberg, Maureen Peyrot, Todd Hallowell and especially Karen Kehela, who is an amazing partner to me for her enormous contributions. Ron Howard, a closer friend, a better partner, a more inspired and evolving filmmaker I could never find. Thank you, Ron, for all of that.

I can't pull this apart [referring to his notes]. I'm so nervous. I know it's imperceptible.

It's my honor to work with the profound Russell Crowe. And we wouldn't be here if it weren't for Russell Crowe. His amazing dedication, work ethic and artistry have gotten us here. The sublime Jennifer Connelly and all the fine actors on the movie. Akiva Goldsman, thank you for creating this difficult and heartrending script. And thank you James Horner for your most original and haunting score. Thank you to John and Alicia Nash. You've not only inspired a movie that has given so many a greater understanding of the vagaries of the mind, but you've given us a greater understanding of ourselves. I hope in some way our movie helped to improve the way we feel about and treat the mentally ill.

And then I want to thank my little circle of love. My incredible, beautiful, amazing wife and my kids, Riley, Sage and Thomas. Thank you.

God bless and thank you for this support.

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