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Year: 2001 (74th) Academy Awards

Category: Film Editing

Film Title: Black Hawk Down

Winner: Pietro Scalia

Presenter: Will Smith

Date & Venue: March 24, 2002; Kodak Theatre

This is unbelievable. Thank you, members of the Academy, for honoring "Black Hawk Down" and my fellow editors and nominees tonight. This is one of the rare moments where we as editors get to share a corner of the limelight with the stars and editors -- and directors, I'm sorry -- and it feels great. Editors are like alchemists; we play with magic and we are privileged to witness small miracles of creation when we combine the talents and contributions from everyone involved in the process of making movies. I wouldn't be standing up here if it weren't for the generosity and trust of Ridley Scott. I would like to share this award with my crew and everyone that has contributed to the success of "Black Hawk Down." Special thanks to the Moroccan people of Rabat and Sale for their hard work and hospitality. Maya, Julian and Teresa, you bless my life, I love you. And thank you very much. Viva Italia!

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