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Year: 1998 (71st) Academy Awards

Category: Short Film (Animated)

Film Title: Bunny

Winner: Chris Wedge

Presenter: "Flik", "Heimlich"

Date & Venue: March 21, 1999; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Thank you, "Flik." Thank you, members of the Academy. This award is especially thrilling because it's been a labor of love, "Bunny," for all of us at Blue Sky Studios in New York for many years actually. And so to my beautiful wife and family, Jean*, Sarah and Jack; Mom and Dad; Nina Rappaport, my producer; Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, for their soulful music; and every one of you that is now or ever has been a member of Blue Sky Studios. Thank you all very much for helping me follow my heart and for pouring so much of yours into "Bunny." Thank you.

[*Spelling not confirmed.]

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