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Year: 1994 (67th) Academy Awards

Category: Directing

Film Title: Forrest Gump

Winner: Robert Zemeckis

Presenter: Steven Spielberg

Date & Venue: March 27, 1995; Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center

It is so incredible that Steven is handing me this great trophy, so I guess I can't think of a more appropriate place or time to say: Thank you, Steven. Thank you for believing in me and giving me my start, for being a guiding influence in my work, and being a good friend. Thank you very much.

There are some others who have contributed greatly to my career. My parents, of course. I'd also like to thank Jack Rapke, Bruce Ramer, John Milius and Bob Gale. And for this tremendous honor I'd like to thank the members of the Academy, everyone at Paramount Pictures, my entire cast and crew for doing a job that amazed me every day and made it an incredible joy to go to work. To Wendy Finerman, for bringing this project to me and getting it started in the first place. To Steve Starkey, for making sure we got it finished. Tom Hanks and Eric Roth, my creative soulmates -- it's obvious this film could not have been made without your huge talent.

Most important, I'd like to thank my wife Mary Ellen and my son Alex for your love, support, for being my main source of inspiration not only in my work but in my life. And finally, I would like to thank motion picture audiences all around the world. In historic numbers you have embraced a film that at its heart offers a human, life-affirming, hopeful story.

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