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Year: 1994 (67th) Academy Awards

Category: Costume Design

Film Title: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Winner: Lizzy Gardiner, Tim Chappel

Presenter: Sharon Stone

Date & Venue: March 27, 1995; Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center

Well, what a surprise. We'd like to thank firstly the costume designers who nominated us in the first place, because that was definitely one of the best compliments we've ever had. And thank you to the Academy for voting for us. This is much heavier than it looks I tell ya. And uh...

Shut up, my turn. I'd like to thank Stephan Elliott, and I wish he was here and he should be. I'd like to thank Al Clark and Michael Hamlyn. The whole cast and crew of "Priscilla." They are wonderful and we wish to God they were here. To Polygram Pictures, Gramercy, Michael Kuhn, and the Academy, thank you so much. I think we need to go and cry with some dignity now. Thank you.

I need a drink.

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