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Year: 1994 (67th) Academy Awards

Category: Actor in a Supporting Role

Film Title: Ed Wood

Winner: Martin Landau

Presenter: Anna Paquin

Date & Venue: March 27, 1995; Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center

My God. What a night. What a life. What a moment. What everything. I talked to Tim Burton today in New York, and I want to finish the conversation. Thanks, Tim, for giving me the part of my life -- Gil Cates, don't put music on, because if it's a "Mission Impossible" theme I'll get very angry. Larry and Scott, thanks for a great script. The Disney people, for, well for doing it in the first place. I think everyone who saw the movie is in this room tonight. Thank you for their support. Johnny Depp, thank you for your talent, your professionalism, your goodness. A great cast down the line. It gave me a chance to work with my daughter for the first time. Rick, Ve and Yolanda, who have already won an award tonight, for making it all possible for me.

The members of the press, particularly Rod Lurie who is my number one fan in the press and has been an avid supporter for years. My team of long standing: Peter Bennett*, Stan Lushell*, Mike Mamakos. My agents who are here tonight: Fred Westheimer, Ames Cushing. My gifted daughters, Susie and Juliet Landau. My best friend Gretchen Becker, who's here, who's talented. My sister Connie, who's doing battle with leukemia right now and winning that battle. The Academy, the actors who I love, who nominated me, the entire membership. Let's keep the NEA funded and healthy. Artists need encouragement.

[*Spelling not confirmed.]

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