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Year: 1994 (67th) Academy Awards

Category: Short Film (Live Action)

Film Title: Trevor

Winner: Peggy Rajski, Randy Stone

Presenter: Tim Allen

Date & Venue: March 27, 1995; Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center

Well, "Trevor" first came to life as a stage piece conceived after our wonderful writer James Lecesne heard a report on NPR about teen suicide and learned that approximately one-third of all teens who kill themselves are gay. We made our film for anyone who's ever felt like an outsider. It celebrates all those who make it through difficult times and mourns those who didn't. In honoring us the Academy honors everyone who so generously supported our project. Our thanks to them and my husband Josh who helps make all things possible.

This project was a perfect experience for us. From the beginning it seemed to be blessed. Everybody we asked to help said yes. Peggy, James and myself wanted to send a message. Our cast, crew and contributors made it possible. We want to thank our family and friends, Alan Landsburg, Peter Roth, Charlie Goldstein, and especially Jodie [Foster], whose love, support and encouragement inspires and helped us achieve our best. We love you. Thank you.

[Ed. note: A tie vote resulted in two films winning in this category: "Trevor" and "Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life."]

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