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Year: 1994 (67th) Academy Awards

Category: Foreign Language Film

Film Title: Burnt by the Sun

Winner: Russia (accepted by director Nikita Mikhalkov; accompanied on stage by actress Nadia Mikhalkov)

Presenter: Jeremy Irons

Date & Venue: March 27, 1995; Shrine Auditorium & Expo Center

I'm sorry I didn't speak English. Never speak English on the stage. I want to thank all my friends who work with me: my script writer Roustam Ibraguimbekov, great composer Edouard Artemiev, my co-producer Vladimir Sedov, Nicole Cann, and all my friends who worked with me. And you know, Marcello Mastroianni said in Fellini's film, great film, "8 ½:" "I want to say the truth which I don't know, but which I try to find." Me too. I want to try, I want to say the truth which I don't know. And maybe I want to say the truth, cruel truth. But I'm absolutely sure that the cruel truth without love is a lie. And my daughter, she's my actress. And the first time in my life I didn't have problem with actress. Thank you.

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