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Year: 1993 (66th) Academy Awards

Category: Actor in a Supporting Role

Film Title: The Fugitive

Winner: Tommy Lee Jones

Presenter: Marisa Tomei

Date & Venue: March 21, 1994; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

My thanks to the Academy for the very finest, greatest award that any actor can ever receive. The only thing a man can say at a time like this is: I am not really bald. Actually, I'm lucky enough to be working and for that I have to thank the boss, Bob Daly, the other boss, Terry Semel. Also Arnon Milchan, Steve Reuther, Arnold Kopelson, Andy Davis, Peter MacGregor-Scott, Michael Chapman. My friends Bill Jacobson and Michael Black. My dear, courageous family: Victoria, Kimberlea, and Austin Jones. Above all I thank the man who needs no support at all, Harrison Ford. For all of you, thanks for the work.

[Ed. note: Mr. Jones' head was shaved for his role in the film "Cobb," which was in production at the time.]

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