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Year: 1993 (66th) Academy Awards

Category: Makeup

Film Title: Mrs. Doubtfire

Winner: Greg Cannom, Ve Neill, Yolanda Toussieng

Presenter: Joan Chen, Val Kilmer

Date & Venue: March 21, 1994; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Thank you, Academy. I want to thank my crew: Mitch Devane, Linda Notaro, John Logan, Roland Blancaflor, Steve Prouty, Todd Tucker, Keith VanderLaan, Larry Odien, Kim Cooper at Twentieth.

We'd like to thank our producers: Marsha Williams, Joan Bradshaw and Mark Radcliffe. My assistant Stephan Dupuis and our wig maker Renate. We'd like to thank the Academy for their gracious consideration for our hair stylists in this category this year and from now on. And also, we would like to thank most of all Robin Williams for his beautiful portrayal and his patience as "Mrs. Doubtfire." Thank you very much.

Thank you.

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