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Year: 1990 (63rd) Academy Awards

Category: Documentary (Feature)

Film Title: American Dream

Winner: Barbara Kopple and Arthur Cohn, Producers

Presenter: Phoebe Cates, Ron Silver

Date & Venue: March 25, 1991; Shrine Civic Auditorium

Dear friends of the Academy, I take great pride to accept the Academy's recognition of our work together. I want you to know that only in America, in a free democracy like America, would it have been possible to make a film like "American Dream." And I feel today more than ever the free world owes America, the United States of America, deep respect and everlasting gratitude. Barbara ...

Thanks. Yes, I'd like to honor all the other documentarians because their work was so remarkable. I'd like to thank my parents, my son Nicholas, and Eugene Carroll for all their support and love. The editors of the film: Larry Silk, Tom Haneke, Cathy Caplan. The cameramen: Kevin Keating, Hart Perry, Peter Gilbert. And I'd like to dedicate this film to the people of the Midwest and the families and the meat packers in Austin, Minnesota, whose American dream is so precious and so vital, and they went out on strike for their slice of the American dream and were permanently replaced. And lastly for James Michael Carroll, whose life was so violently interrupted. He will be deeply missed.

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