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Year: 1990 (63rd) Academy Awards

Category: Directing

Film Title: Dances With Wolves

Winner: Kevin Costner

Presenter: Tom Cruise

Date & Venue: March 25, 1991; Shrine Civic Auditorium

I didn't trust myself [looking at his notes]. I don't even when I make the movies, I have to write everything down.

Everyone knows that you really don't make pictures by yourself and I accept this tonight on behalf of, of my friends, people that influenced my life, influenced this movie: Jim Wilson and Michael Blake. I'd like a special thanks to go out to Guy East and Jake Eberts and the people at Majestic. The same people who came down to Mexico and watched my little slide show and tried to figure out through all my boyish enthusiasm that I was deadly serious about making this movie. I'd like to thank Bill Bernstein and Mike Medavoy who made two movies with me and allowed me to direct this third. To Michael Ovitz for his careful reconstruction that helped me finish "Dances" without having to compromise my dream. And finally, I'd like to share this award with my wife Cindy and my three children, my brother, and my parents who I'm so happy that we're alive to share this together. Thank you very much.

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