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Year: 1990 (63rd) Academy Awards

Category: Writing (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)

Film Title: Ghost

Winner: Bruce Joel Rubin

Presenter: Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster

Date & Venue: March 25, 1991; Shrine Civic Auditorium

Well, thank you very much. I have to tell you I'm just honored to be associated with a film that not only acknowledges the spiritual nature of man but affirms it. Thank you to Jerry Zucker, our director, whose beautiful heart is on every frame of this film. To our producers: Lisa Weinstein, to Howard W. Koch and Steven-Charles Jaffe. Thank you to everyone at Paramount, all the executives, past and present, who were involved in this film and who believed in it, especially Lindsay Doran. Thank you to the cast and crew, particularly Whoopi Goldberg who deserves every award that she won. Thank you to my parents Jim and Sondra, my sons Josh and Ari, and my wife Blanche, who six years ago put our house on the market, quit her job, and said, "We're moving to Hollywood." Thanks, Hon. And thank you, Rudi.

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