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Year: 1990 (63rd) Academy Awards

Category: Best Picture

Film Title: Dances With Wolves

Winner: Jim Wilson and Kevin Costner, Producers

Presenter: Barbra Streisand

Date & Venue: March 25, 1991; Shrine Civic Auditorium

I would like...oh, my gosh. I didn't drink any water. That was smart. I would like to thank the Academy members for the culmination of what has been one incredible dance for me over the past four years, and all of us. To a cast and crew who never said never, you can't do it. To Orion Pictures and Majestic Films International, for their never-ending support on a film that was difficult. To our staff at Tig Productions, to my wife Theresa, my family and friends who kept me honest through all this. And to the Native American nation throughout this wonderful country, whose drum continues to beat and will beat forever. And to my two best friends, Kevin Costner and Michael Blake, who allowed me to participate in this. Thank you.

I just want to say that it's very easy for people to trivialize what we do sometimes. And they do it in ways of saying, "Well, if it's such a big deal, how come nobody remembers who last year won the Oscar?" And I've got a real flash for you. I will never forget what happened here tonight. My family will never forget what happened here. My Native American brothers and sisters across the country, especially the Lakota Sioux, will never forget. People I went to school with will never forget. "Dances With Wolves" won this year, and while it's not as important as the rest of the world situation where it sits, it will always be important to us, and we thank you for this.

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