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Year: 1983 (56th) Academy Awards

Category: Documentary (Feature)

Film Title: He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'

Winner: Emile Ardolino, Producer (accompanied on stage by kids from the National Dance Institute)

Presenter: Jack Palance, Holly Palance

Date & Venue: April 9, 1984; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Oh, yes. Thank you. It was harder to get up here than to make the film. What a feeling indeed. It's a very special moment and made more special by the fact that there are so many children here who were in the film to share it with me.

I'd like to thank the members of the Academy, the superb co-producer Judy Kinberg, executive producers Edgar Scherick, Scott Rudin, Sue Pollock. And I have to thank Lucy Johnson who thought of the idea, NBC, brilliant film editors Tom Haneke and Charlotte Grossman, cameraman Francis Kenny, Don Lenzer, and most of all, an extraordinary man, Jacques d'Amboise. A man who really did take his passion and make it happen in his belief that the arts could transform people's lives and has obviously generated such positive energy and joy to thousands of people in New York City through the National Dance Institute. Thank you very, very much.

[Ed. note: Children from the National Dance Institute who had performed earlier in the evening came on stage and crowded around the podium. Mr. Ardolino had to wade through them to get to the microphone.]

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