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Year: 1983 (56th) Academy Awards

Category: Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium)

Film Title: Terms of Endearment

Winner: James L. Brooks

Presenter: Mel Gibson, Sissy Spacek

Date & Venue: April 9, 1984; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Thank you very much. I want to thank Larry McMurtry for a wonderful book; Jennifer Jones-Simon for all her help; Jeff Berg, who has a comfortable office and left it to work like a process server to try and get this picture made. I want to thank Paramount first and last, the only ones who would make the movie. And the cast had so much to do with this script. Finally it was all redefined. Finally it was an actor's picture. I'd really like to share it with them. And thank you very much.

I'm sorry, I just want to, forgive me, I just want to thank three women. I want to thank my sister Diane. I want to thank my daughter Amy. And I want to thank my wife Holly. Thank you.

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