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Year: 1983 (56th) Academy Awards

Category: Sound

Film Title: The Right Stuff

Winner: Mark Berger, Tom Scott, Randy Thom, David MacMillan

Presenter: Christie Brinkley, Michael Keaton

Date & Venue: April 9, 1984; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

To all the members of the Academy, thank you very much for listening. There were a lot of people involved; we're gonna name them all but we're gonna break the sound barrier doing it so it'll be all right. The producers Bob Chartoff, Irwin Winkler, all the people at The Ladd Company, Gareth Wigan, to Roy Segal at the Saul Zaentz Film Center in Berkeley where we mixed the film. On the home front, my wife Susan Wengraf, Anya and Matthew, my kids, for putting up with me when I wasn't there. And most of all to a guy who was always there pushing the outside of the envelope, giving us the time, the enthusiasm, and the strength to carry on to give a great soundtrack for his great picture, our director Phil Kaufman.

We also have to recognize Todd Boekelheide and Andy Wiskes. Wonderful talents. They were the fourth and fifth men on our crew. Steve Sutter, also the fellows at Warner Hollywood for all their help, Dolby Labs, Walter Murch, and Kadi Kiiss.

Ed, Barbara, C. J., Dennie, Diana, John, Karen, Pat, Tim, Twiggy, Vivien, Jay Boekelheide, to Walter Murch and Ben Burtt, my teachers, Stephanie Borris*, thank you.

And my guys: Steve Powell and Danny Vincent*. [Speaks in Gaelic.]

[*Name and spelling not confirmed.]

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