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Year: 1983 (56th) Academy Awards

Category: Short Film (Animated)

Film Title: Sundae in New York

Winner: Jimmy Picker, Producer

Presenter: Michael Caine, Jane Alexander

Date & Venue: April 9, 1984; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Thank you very much, members of the Academy. First I have to thank my father who always had confidence in me and knew that I can do it, and figured I was playing around with clay and it would keep me off the streets. And my mother, of course, who was always holding my hand. And "Sundae in New York" could not have been as good as it is without the great talent of Scott Record, Andy Stein and Charlie Koover*. And I'd also like to thank Steven Starr* and Fred Millicine* of the William Morris Agency. And I'd like to thank Mitch Block of Direct Cinema and Myrna Post* of Myrna Post and Associates. Hiya, Myrna, and hiya, Mom! Whew [touches his bow tie which spins like a fan]. Thank you.

[*Name and spelling not confirmed.]

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