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Year: 1983 (56th) Academy Awards

Category: Foreign Language Film

Film Title: Fanny & Alexander

Winner: Sweden (accepted by producer Jorn Donner and Ingrid von Rosen, wife of director Ingmar Bergman)

Presenter: John Gavin, Jack Valenti

Date & Venue: April 9, 1984; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks, the members of the Academy, for having very good taste. I think so. Secondly, I have in my pocket a book with 265 names which I am going to read to you, all the people I want to thank. But I will spare you that. Tonight, as says Sven Nykvist, my thoughts go to Ingmar in Munich but also really to the 250 or 500 people who have contributed to the success, the effort, by making "Fanny & Alexander" work as the crowning achievement of Ingmar Bergman's career. Thank you. Mrs. Bergman...

I just am going to hurry to Ingmar and tell him about the warm and wonderful reception you have given his film. Thank you very much.

[Ed. note: Mr. Nykvist won in the Cinematography category for "Fanny & Alexander" earlier in the evening.]

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