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Year: 1977 (50th) Academy Awards

Category: Writing (Screenplay--based on material from another medium)

Film Title: Julia

Winner: Alvin Sargent

Presenter: Paddy Chayefsky

Date & Venue: April 3, 1978; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Thank you. Thank you to a lot of people: Fred Zinnemann, everybody at Twentieth Century-Fox who took the chance and allowed us to make this film. To the wonderful actors: Jane and Vanessa, Jason, Maximilian Schell, everyone else. To Richard Roth, a remarkable friend and producer of mine. And one other person, who is more responsible for this than anyone else, and that is a lady whose name, or was called, Julia. And for all the things that she stands for, I like to think that this Oscar represents those things and the free expression of all our good thoughts and feelings and loves no matter who we are or what we have to say. And to Julia's dear friend, Lillian Hellman, who wrote the best words first. Thank you very much.

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