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Year: 1976 (49th) Academy Awards

Category: Directing

Film Title: Rocky

Winner: John G. Avildsen

Presenter: Jeanne Moreau

Date & Venue: March 28, 1977; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Oh my goodness. I guess what "Rocky"did was give a lot of people hope, and there was never a better feeling than doing that. And I had a lot of people who gave me things. Sylvester Stallone gave me his guts and his heart and his best shot. Thank you. Thank you. Gene Kirkwood, the executive producer, gave me a telephone call and said, I got a script here and it's called "Rocky" and I think you'd like it. Thank you, Gene. Bill Conti, the musical director of this show, gave me the inspiration with his beautiful music. Jim Crabe, my cameraman, gave me his eyes. My cast gave me their talent: Talia, and Burt, and Burgess, Carl Weathers, Joe Spinell, and Jimmy Gambina who gave us the knowledge of his fighting. In Philadelphia I had men giving me their energy: Lloyd Kaufman, Ralf Bode, Mike Scott, Joe Letizia, Garrett Brown and Ralf Hotchkiss. And at United Artists I had some men give me their confidence: Mike Medavoy, and Eric Pleskow, and Bob Chartoff and Irwin Winkler. Thank you. My agent, my agent Marvin Moss gave me, besides some very good recipes, his counsel. Holly Hein gave me her wisdom. Melissa Avildsen and Anthony Avildsen, my son, and Rufus Avildsen, my son who helped me pick the locations in Philadelphia, gave me their love. And thank you all very much.

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