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Year: 1976 (49th) Academy Awards

Category: Music (Original Song)

Song Title: "Evergreen (Love Theme From A Star Is Born)"

Film Title: A Star Is Born

Winner: Music by Barbra Streisand; Lyrics by Paul Williams

Presenter: Neil Diamond

Date & Venue: March 28, 1977; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

In my -- [responding to audience member:] Yo, Barbra. Thank you, honey. In my wildest dreams I never, never could ever imagine winning an Academy Award for writing a song. I'm very honored and excited. Thank you all very much.

I was gonna thank all the little people and... then I remembered I am the little people. [Speaking to audience member:] You're right, Hank, it's very heavy. This is a very nice thing. When you wish upon a star, it's a beautiful thing to have happen. I, you know, a lot of us worked on "A Star Is Born." "Evergreen" had a beautiful arrangement by Ian Freebairn-Smith, and a guy that I work with named Kenny Ascher was involved. There're a lot of us. I wish that I could share all of this with them right now. I know they're watching, and I say to them and to Denny Bond and my wife Katie: I love you. God bless you. Thank you, Academy.

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